About Goldcrest

GoldCrest is an invite-only international entrepreneurs’ club.

It is made up of select business-owners and senior leaders from different regions of the world. They are brought together annually to, amongst other things, learn about game-changing innovations that are distrupting the status quo of the business world.

"King of Birds"

GoldCrest was named as an ode to the bird, known as the "King of Birds", and written about by Aristotle and Pliny. It is a reminder to large organisations to always remain smart and never to become complacent, and an inspiration to smaller ones that with enough intelligence and determination nothing is impossible.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is currently formed of seven senior business-leaders representing several industries and operating across most regions of the world. Collectively, they employ in the region of a hundred thousand people. Their businesses, some privately-owned and others publicly listed, turnover several tens of billions of dollars annually.

Industries of the Future

One of the objectives of GoldCrest is to introduce the participants to the industries which are shaping the future. Whilst some legacy industries are likely to remain important, it is vital for any evolving business to stay in touch with the way the world is changing.

2018 Retreat

The second GoldCrest retreat took place in Dubai and was hosted at the Al Maha Luxury Resort, surrounded by the untouched dunes of the UAE, a reminder of its humble roots. It brought together international business owners and leaders from different parts of the world and global leaders representing the industry of Artificial Intelligence.

GoldCrest Club